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True Lyes is a locally owned family business

The True Lyes promise: Truly handcrafted, truly all-natural, truly made with skin-safe, food-grade ingredients.

True Lyes Handcrafted Soaps is a truly handcrafted soap company! We are family-owned. From the start, our family has been involved in the company, with a goal to make products that were healthy and healing to the skin.

This passion came about after our youngest child experienced an on-going ordeal with eczema. We were tired of the creams and decided to give natural soap a try. Amazingly, after the first use, we noticed a marked improvement in the itchiness and dryness. All of our commercial soaps went into the “can” and we have never looked back! We have only looked forward to seeing what natural ingredients we could find to produce the best, skin-loving bar soaps and bath products.

True Lyes are truly all-natural, in other words, we use ingredients we know and can pronounce. You will not have to worry about harsh detergents or damaging chemicals in our products, which only mimic cleaning and moisturizing.

True Lyes is a professionally licensed and insured handcrafted soap and cosmetic manufacturing company. We have invested a great deal of time and resources to ensure that you get the highest quality products and product manufacturing so that we can deliver a quality old fashioned craft for the modern bath.

Your skin is safe with True Lyes. Our products are wonderfully pure and natural, the old fashion way, free of harmful chemicals, just like my children’s great grandmother, Mimi, used to make. Why? Because your skin is your largest body organ, so why not be true to it? Each unique bath time essential is made with real – never artificial – ingredients, that include plant oils like olive oil, sustainable palm oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and hydrating butters like cocoa butter, shea butter, and cupuacu butter.

We finish the process with natural colorants – no dyes, such as paprika, rosemary, parsley, madder root, and the list goes on. All skin-loving, food-grade raw materials – giving more pure, gentle luxury and more clean fun!

Notice what makes our products stand out above other handmade brands: Our products help you to help the environment because they are made from scratch with natural ingredients and not with animal fat and detergents. We use only the finest quality milks, natural oils, honey, botanicals, and aroma oils from reputable suppliers. We are a cruelty-free manufacturer and do not conduct or commission animal testing. More than that, we do not use any ingredient or formulation that is tested on animals.

We will not sacrifice quality for quantity. We take pride in using only the very best natural ingredients. You will not have to worry about harmful chemical additives or clogged pores, as with commercial or animal-based products. We work hard to ensure that all soaps are superior, rich in emollients and cleaning ability. We understand that depending on the type of oils or combination of oils used in the soap, some soap may offer rich lather and others may offer weaker lather to serve your restorative, therapeutic or soothing needs.

See the difference? We are family-owned, we are licensed and insured, we help the environment, we use natural ingredients from reputable suppliers, we are cruelty-free, and we make superior products! Our recipes contain pure oils, skin safe, and natural aromas. In addition, we use a variety of organic powders, herbs, spices, flower petals, and botanicals.

We invite you to surrender your skin to old fashioned quality along with newfangled luxury and transform your bath into a simply wonderfully clean and richly scented experience.

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Surrender your senses. Relax your mind. Rejuvenate your body. Replenish your soul.