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In 2018, True Lyes began its clean living initiative in support of clean hands for all. Even prior to COVID-19, we understood the importance of regular hand washing to fight against germs, disease, and other communicable illnesses, especially for kids.

Now, more than ever, soap and regular hand washing are needed. Support clean, healthy washing habits with the use of real soap - not detergents or harmful chemicals. Join us in our mission to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria related illnesses by instilling good health habits through personal cleanliness and good soap washing hygiene practices.

Keep real soap with you wherever you go by purchasing hand softening and cleansing paper soaps. This Important and convenient soap pack purchase will not only keep your hands clean but will help local community outreach programs provide hygiene education and healthy living practices with the simple luxury of soap. With each purchase, True Lyes will give $1 toward soap for handwashing educational initiatives that help to promote healthy, clean living.

Global Handwashing Day, Thursday, October 15, 2020

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