Spicy Floral

Design your own soap


A unique combination of spices and florals makes for a wonderfully majestic and “scent”sational bath. This unisex scent is made with a blended aroma of patchouli, clove and geranium essential oils along with exfoliating ground rosehips and walnut leaves. Encompassing a bold and sweet aroma, this spicy floral is sure to please!

Design your soap by choosing one oil in each category:

Base oil:

  • Olive oil, lovely and gentle adds silkiness to your lather
  • Avocado oil, nourishes and adds moisture to mature skin
  • Sweet almond oil, softening and conditioning oil with mild lather

Butter oil:

  • Cocoa butter, rich, chocolatey aroma, softens and heals
  • Shea butter, smooth and creamy adds a luxurious, silky feel

Lathering oil:

  • Coconut oil, very hard bar soap with lovely, thick, stable lather
  • Sunflower oil, great for delicate skin, offers light lather and big bubbles

You will get a uniquely crafted 2-pound soap loaf in a beautiful silicone and wooden mold.

Makes eight, 4 oz. bars. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


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