Sugar Scrub Fresh Cranberry


Fresh Cranberry Scrub is very fresh and very juicy! Enjoy the fresh mix of cranberries, grapes, pink grapefruit and strawberries. Its gentle exfoliation and natural hydration at its best!

– Cane Sugar – cane sugar crystals are natural humectants that draw moisture to the skin. Cane sugar is also a glycolic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid that penetrates skin as you rub gently. This gentle exfoliation removes dead skin and encourages cell turnover to generate fresher, new and glowing skin.

– Avocado Oil – nourishes and restores dry and mature skin.

– Coconut Soap – provides lovely stable lather for cleaning and removing dirt

– Jojoba Beads – quickly absorbs into skin, restores elasticity and soothes. Suitable for all skin types.

– Mica – natural colorant, no harmful dyes

-Cranberry – seeds for additional gentle exfoliation.

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