Sugar Scrub Solstice


Solstice Sugar Scrub feels like a trip to the spa – providing clean skin as it clarifies and softens. This clean, fresh scent has notes of citrus, rice flower, bamboo and sea salt. Made simply and naturally with:

– Cane Sugar – cane sugar crystals are natural humectants that draw moisture to the skin. Cane sugar is also a glycolic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid that penetrates skin as you rub gently. This gentle exfoliation removes dead skin and encourages cell turnover to generate fresher, new and glowing skin.

– Avocado Oil – nourishes and restores dry and mature skin.

– Coconut Soap – provides lovely stable lather for cleaning and removing dirt

– Jojoba Beads – quickly absorbs into skin, restores elasticity and soothes. Suitable for all skin types.

– Mica – natural colorant, no harmful dyes

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