Truly Handmade

At True Lyes, we believe in quality versus quantity. We also believe in supporting our local growers and our global community, which is why we take pride in using only the very best non genetically modified botanicals, milks, oils, and butters. We work hard to ensure that all of our soaps and cosmetics are superior and rich in natural emollients to promote healthy and beautiful skin.

Highlight on Olive Oil

Olive oil is a mainstay in natural soap making. What makes this green and golden oil a favorite among the cosmetic industry, and particularly among soap makers? One reason is its ability to quickly saponify (to make it into soap). Another important consideration is the excellent results: a gentle, hydrating bar that is good for even the most sensitive skin types – so much so – that a pure bar of olive oil soap even has its own name, Castile Soap.

Feel the difference with truly handmade products. We are family-owned, we are licensed and insured, we help the environment, we use natural ingredients from reputable suppliers, we are cruelty-free, and we make superior products!

Soap Use and Storage tips:

  • Do not store soap in sealed plastic boxes or bags and avoid placing soap in direct sunlight
  • Keep your soap where it will not be exposed to extreme shifts in temperature or humidity
  • Store soap in a cool, dry place
  • Soap that sits in the stream of a shower or water will melt away more quickly; therefore, keep your soap dry between uses
  • Cure Dates: Our soaps are perfectly pH balanced; however, the longer you wait; the harder the bar becomes, and the longer the bar lasts!
  • Our products are not edible and are for external use only
  • True Lyes are real soaps; Avoid eye contact

Now it’s time that you had some clean fun – feel the difference with True Lyes!